More young people and families homeless

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Sharp rise in homeless recorded in 2008.

De Morgen ; Tuesday 25 November 2008
The number of young people and families who do not have a roof over the head has sharply risen in the past year. Moreover, homelessness is no longer a problem experienced by single people only, as more and more families, often a single mother with three or more children, are homeless. This is caused by the increase in rental costs and growing poverty levels.

Young people who live in juvenile penitentiary homes until they reach the age of 18 are often the first victims. They run into debt and lose their homes. In a city such as Brussels, where one out of four people live below the poverty line, the problem is at its worst during winter. The Minister of Welfare Steven Vanackere (CD&V) confirmed that the problem is growing and he wants more money to keep the youngsters off the streets: 'We are now working hard on a policy plan to focus more attention on the group and acquire more money for their cause. The plan is to prepare youths in juvenile homes to become independent. This could be achieved if they are allowed more freedom before they turn 18 by for example living on their own under guidance.'


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