More children born in Flanders

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Since 2003, more children are being born in Flanders.

18 July 2008

FLANDERS – Good news is here for residents of Flanders.

More children are being born in Flanders since 2003. The life expectancy of Flemish is also on the rise.

A boy that is born today has a life expectancy of 78 years. That's two and a half years longer than 10 years ago.

A newly-born baby girl can expect to live for nearly 83 years. That's two years longer than in 1998.

In 2006, 55,700 people died in Belgium. One in two Belgians dies in hospital. Most seniors die as a result of cardiovascular problems.

Suicide and lung cancer are the main death causes among young men while the main cause of death among women is breast cancer despite more women undergoing breast scans.  

"If all women had their breasts screened, then we could prevent 40 percent of all such cancers. We have to continue our campaigns, but I am heartened by the figures that show more women are being screened. The 75 percent target is not yet in sight, but we have to reach it," said Flemish Health Minister Steven Vanackere.

While the suicide figures in Flanders are on the decline, it is still way below the European average. About 1,000 people committed suicides in Flanders in 2006.

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