More cars on the roads without proper papers

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Number of motorists driving without registration documents or certificates of conformity is increasing.

7 July 2008

BELGIUM - A growing number of cars are travelling on the nation's roads without a registration document or a certificate of conformity, says Federal Secretary of State responsible for transport Etienne Schouppe.

The Belgian law stipulates that motorists must carry a certificate of conformity, a registration document, proof of insurance and a valid certificate of roadworthiness with them in their cars.

In 2007, 11,075 vehicles were found to be being driven around without a valid registration document – a 20 percent increase from the figures for the year 2000.

During the first quarter of this year, 3,669 motorists were found to have no registration documents with them.

Registration documents are important as without them, the car's insurance is no longer valid.

Meanwhile, the number of motorists found to be driving without a certificate of conformity doubled between 2000 and 2007.

2007’s figure of 29,000 is expected to increase by a further 12 percent this year.

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