More Audi A1 to be produced

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The car company aims to produce 20,000 extra Audi A1 yearly as demands of the new car increase.

11 June 2008

BELGIUM – Higher than expected demand for the Audi A1 are pushing annual production in Vorst up from 100,000 to 120,000.

The Audi A1 will be manufactured exclusively at the Audi plant in Brussels from 2010.

The company had expected an annual production of 100,000 vehicles of Audi A1.

This figure is now reportedly being revised. Audi now expects that 120,000 will be needed per year. There is apparently a higher than expected demands for the A1, even though the first cars are yet to roll off the assembly line.

The trade unions at Audi in Vorst are pleased with the prospect of higher production. However, they stress that the most important thing for them is job security.  They remember all too well the lost of 3,500 jobs when Audi took over the Belgian Volkswagen plant one year ago.

"We have job security for 2,200 people until 2010. But for the next collective labour agreement, we intend to insist on job security for more people," says Jan Van Der Poorten of the Socialist union ABVV.

According to the trade unions it will not be possible to hike production up without a third shift- at the moment there are two shifts.

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