Mobile phones to be banned for children

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The Belgian government has announced measures to restrict the use of mobile phones by young children.

Public Health Mobile phones to be banned for childrenminister Laurette Onkelinx has announced that sales of mobile phones to children under 7 years will be banned in shops and also on the internet.

Adverts for mobile phones during children's programmes on TV radio and the internet will also be banned.

Research shows than in Belgium every two out of three children under 10 years have a mobile phone. At 12 years they nearly all have one.

The minister has highlighted the radiation risk from cell phones which is higher for young children than adults.

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  • Paul Doyon posted:

    on 10th March 2013, 04:13:47 - Reply

    France also has a similar law in place. While you may not see a seven-year old shopping for a cell phone, there are certainly advertisements -- using cartoon characters like Disney -- aimed at children who in turn pester their parents to buy one for them. And if all his or her friends have one, the parents do not want their children to feel "left out."
  • James posted:

    on 6th March 2013, 15:04:17 - Reply

    Congratulations... only in Beligum - ban sales of mobile phones TO children under 7 years . Maybe I'm naive but when was the last time you saw a child under 7 shopping for a mobile phone?
  • Karl Cox posted:

    on 5th March 2013, 22:00:21 - Reply

    This is fabulous news and other countries globally should also be making this decision. Some governments such as the UK technically discourage phones for children but allow companies to advertise phones for children explicitly. So there are a lot of governments who are two-faced on mobile phones. There has been virtually zero coverage of this story in the UK and absolutely zero in the media here. I wonder why. Well done Laurette Onkelinx!