Meteor sweeps the Belgian night sky

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On Saturday night at around 10 pm, many people in Belgium witnessed a ball of fire sweeping through the night sky. This was nothing less than a real meteor, said the public observatory, Urania, who watched this “spectacular” phenomenon.

Around the country, people commented on the ball of fire that they had seen, especially in the discussion forums of the Urania Observatory. Most said that they had seen a yellow-green ball of light in the sky.  

According the head of Urania, Marc Van Den Broeck, the spectacle was a ball of fire, known as a meteor. “Small particles of dust often enter the earth’s atmosphere from space. When a meteor occurs, we know that there are bigger rocks in the atmosphere.”

What was most notable about the meteor on Saturday night was its size and the time at which it was seen. Normally shooting stars and meteors are observed just before dawn. 

In this case, the meteor was seen around ten o’clock at night and was extremely large and bright. “It was only just getting dark, so many people were still outside”, explained Marc Van den Broeck. “In the twenty five years that I have studied astronomy I have only seen this about five times. It was really very spectacular.”

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