MP3 killer gives conflicting statements

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Detectives presenting statements at the trial of the alleged murder of Joe Van Holsbeeck say there are discrepancies given by the two teenagers involved in the attack.

18 September 2008

BRUSSELS -- Big discrepancies between statements given by Adam G. and Mariusz O. have been presented at the trial of the alleged murder of Joe Van Holsbeeck.

On 12 April 2006, Adam and Mariusz attacked two youths at Brussels Central station. One of the young men, Van Holsbeeck, died immediately on the spot of multiple wounds.

Detectives giving evidence at the trial presented inconstancies in the statements, showing that Adam must have been lying on more than one occasion.

When first questioned, Adam have denied having touched Van Holsbeeck and refused to answer any further questions.

He later changed his story and admitted to having hit Van Holsbeeck. He finally confessed when confronted with CCTV evidence from the murder scene but said he had no intention of killing Joe. He said that he got scared when Joe grabbed him and had pulled out his knife because he panicked.

The jury was also shown a video of a reconstruction of the murder.

Adam and Mariusz gave different accounts of the events surrounding the Belgian teenager’s death.

However, Adam's solicitor, Frédéric Clément de Cléty told journalists that this does not mean that his client and Mariusz are refusing to tell the truth.

For his involvement in the murder, Mariusz has been sentenced by the juvenile judge to stay in a closed youth institution until he is 20 years old. He will give evidence at the trial for the first time on Thursday.

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