Increase in use of Kalashnikovs in Brussels

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According to the police trade union NSPV the number of heavy weapons has increased in Brussels in recent months. The police have especially noticed a growing number of Kalashnikovs.

On Saturday, after a failed hold-up attempt on a money exchange bureau, a shootout ensued. One of the police agents involved in thwarting the attempt was shot with a Kalashnikov.

The NSPV trade union says that they see more heavy machine guns and other war arms in certain neighbourhoods in Brussels than they used to.

"During recent months there have been several house searches and controls in parks and of vehicles have been stepped up. Time and again we've found Kalishnakovs," says Philip Van Hamme of the NSVP. "These kinds of weapons are apparently circulating more in Anderlecht and Molenbeek (2 Brussels districts)."

According to the police of Brussels these weapons can be bought for just €50 a piece.

"There must absolutely be better protection for the people in the field," says Philip Van Hamme. "A Kalashnikov can perforate our bullet-free vests."

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