Illegal immigrants end hunger strike in Belgium

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The illegal immigrants who have been staging a hunger strike in a car park at Brussels Dutch-language Free University have ended their fast.

Many members of the group are in poor health after their 59-day hunger strike.

The illegal immigrants agreed to end their fast after they were offered leave to stay in Belgium legally for a period of three months.

The Federal Immigration and Asylum Service says that the offer was made for humanitarian reasons and is intended to give the hunger strikers the opportunity to get well again.

Spokesman Freddy Roosemont stressed that this in no way means that the hunger strikers will be allowed to remain here permenently.

"Only a temporary solution"

The spokesman for the illegal immigrants Pol Van Camp was also keen to stress that this was only a temporary solution to the problem.

He added that even if the 100 or so hunger strikers were allowed to stay here for good, there are another 150,000 people like them across Belgium.

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  • TERESA posted:

    on 23rd June 2012, 15:34:21 - Reply

    they are there any way so they must be given a permit so they can at least work there my fiancée is 1 of them and im British but i don't have a job due to disability so i cant invite him here we just want to get married and live a normal life please please give them a visa or residence permit or at least the Moroccans who have been there for years