ISB selected as a ‘school of the future' by National Association of Independent Schools

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In a major new report, published by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Commission on Accreditation, ISB has been recognized as a ‘school of the future' and praised for its outstanding integration of tradition and innovation.

Entitled A Guide to Becoming a School of the Future, the Report notes that whilst there are many noteworthy schools around the world, six schools stand out for the way in which they have captured a vision for 21st Century Education and implemented it in all aspects of the school's curricular programme and organizational structure.    ISB was the only school in this shortlist located outside of the United States.

"ISB has a strong reputation for stability," the Report states, "and for being a school that has been capably governed and well led over a substantial period of time.  This reputation is more than justified in terms of some objective features, such as board continuity, head of school leadership, and enrollment trends."

The Report goes on to make particular mention of the school's powerful Mission Statement, curricular programme - ‘The Common Ground Curriculum' - and technology-rich environment.

Each of the schools listed in the Report differ from one another in location, style, structure, organization and resources.  That said, the Report concludes, each of these learning communities are to be noted for their academically challenging programme, opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, use of technology, engaged community stakeholders, innovation, and exceptional leadership.

Click here to read the full report. 


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