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International School Students in Belgium Tackle Global Issues Head on

Following last year’s hugely successful ‘environmental day’, the ISB Global Issues Day will involve 400 high school students and faculty, as well as a number of external experts, NGOs and specialist agencies in the field.

The purpose of this day is to engage each student in a range of plenary and hands-on learning experiences. “The mission of ISB is to develop independent
learners and international citizens, equipped to be happy, successful, ethical contributors to the local and global community. The Global Issues Day at ISB is just one way of ensuring that all students develop age-appropriate understanding of current issues in sustainable development, social justice,
diversity, peace and conflict and interdependence.”

Kevin Bartlett, ISB Director


Keynote speaker:
Jean-Francois Rischard
Former Vice-President for Europe, World Bank
Author of High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them
Workshop participants and learning events 

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