IKEA in Belgium is most expensive in Europe

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According to a comparative analysis of IKEA prices in different countries carried out by European Consumer Centre Belgium, prices are 22% higher in Belgium than in IKEA France.

IKEA in the Netherlands was second most expensive.

The European Consumer Centre Belgium, part of a European network of 29 centres in 27 member states, has taken a look at prices of IKEA products in Belgium and the neighbouring countries. 

A basket of 20 products was taken to compare the prices.

The basket of the same 20 products cost EUR 4036 in Belgium, EUR 3775 in the Netherlands, EUR 3363 in Germany, EUR 3345 in the UK, and EUR 3297 in France.

Eating in the IKEA restaurant is also considerably cheaper in neighbouring countries.

The breakfast is double the price in Belgium as in France and the Netherlands. Pasta with tomato sauce costs EUR 1.95 in the Netherlands whereas in Belgium it costs EUR 4.95. The famous Swedish meatballs are also most expensive in Belgium.

The European Consumer Centre, located in Brussels, informs European consumers about the advantages of the internal market and assists in case of cross-border consumer disputes.


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