Hundreds of trucks blocked at French ports by strike

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Hundreds of trucks trying to get to Britain were blocked Wednesday at ports in northern France because of strike action.

   LILLE, France, March 123 2008 - Hundreds of trucks trying to get to
Britain were blocked Wednesday at ports in northern France because of strike
action by cross-Channel ferry workers, officials said.
   Between 700 and 800 trucks were waiting up to 10 hours to board ferries at
the port of Dunkirk, while lines of trucks stretched up to six kilometres
(four miles) at Calais, traffic officials said.
   The queues were caused by a walkout that began on February 27 by officers
on five Seafrance ferries that travel between Calais and Dover in England.
They are demanding better pay and conditions.
   Truckers have been using other companies' ferries as well as the Channel
Tunnel, but the Seafrance strike has severely disrupted cross-Channel traffic.
   A British local council on the other side of the Channel, where truckers
are also backed up along approach roads to the ports, says the French
government should pay for the chaos caused by the striking ferry workers.
   A spokesman for Kent County Council in southeast England said the authority
had written to French President Nicolas Sarkozy to ask for compensation.


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  • Ashey posted:

    on 30th January 2009, 13:47:30 - Reply

    That's very bad, we may be tempted, but should have control on ourselves, that;s what life is meant to be. By the way did u travel by ferry to France? here is a website which gives you lot of information
  • Ferry to france posted:

    on 30th December 2008, 14:22:24 - Reply

    Yes,.... great
  • Frank Durra posted:

    on 15th March 2008, 21:18:48 - Reply

    hi all,
    as a truck driver i was also cought in the misery on the m20, i tried to jump the que as i used to do, because i get sick when others are doing it and i get overtaken on the third lane, so my que jumping just ended in a try, it was absolutly impossible, which is totally ok for me, because it means also nobody else can overtake me in the que and we all sit in the same boat, thanks to the real professional handling of the english police. this really have to be said, the english police is the most professional in my view compaired to all the others in europe. they know that we drivers do all run out of driving hours, but you wont find one officer who fined any truck driver for running out of hours.
    i am a bit desperate now, because i had 24 hours on my tacho disc without having a chance to just park up on the hard shoulder for having my obligatoric 9-11hour break, but the problem, which i have now, is keeping the tacho disc with me for the next 28days. that means when i do france next week, i will be scared to death, that they stop me and easyly charge me a 1000-2000€ fine for not having my break, if i tell them that sea france was on strike and all parkings were full or ocupied, they DONT CARE !!!!! i was thinking about, going to the german or english police and report myself for driving illegal hours, the fine would be much less than in france and i can drive without being scared.
    i also have to say a word about the english disciplin in driving of 99% of all english drivers, even you guys complain about some road rage, compaired to other countrys in europe, you guys are really amazing. i love england and thank god we dont have any wars or football matches against each other ;-)
    i wont try to jump the que again, sorry for that, but in france everybody does it and if i dont do it , my boss will have a word with me, why my colleges are back earlier than me.
    bye all and thanks for patients.