Guantanamo inmates to arrive in Belgium this summer

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The first liberated detainees from Guantanamo prison could arrive in the country at the end of the month or at the beginning of September.

Technical groups set up by the government have been studying each case, dossier by dossier, in direct consultation with American authorities.

These are inmates who have not been charged and must be liberated, but cannot return to their native countries for humanitarian reasons, say government sources cited in De Morgen. Those coming from Uyghur regions, Yemen, Uzbekistan and Egypt are particularly in danger. 

Belgium has agreed with the United States to take a few of the fifty inmates being liberated from the prison, whilst 190 others will appear in front of a military tribunal in America. 
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  • c posted:

    on 3rd August 2009, 18:23:39 - Reply

    They are being released from Guantanamo because there was not enough evidence even to HOLD them, never mind sufficient evidence to actually CHARGE them. In other words, the evidence that they were "involved in terrorism" is essentially nil.

    Furthermore, the reason they are in jeopardy in their home countries is because of the stigma of Guantanamo. The governments of their native countries, like you, assume that if these people were in prison, they must have committed some crime even though, in the great majority of cases which have actually become public, no such evidence has been produced.
  • Thomas Freeman posted:

    on 3rd August 2009, 09:09:02 - Reply

    I fail to see how bringing terrorist suspects into Belgium is a good thing. We have enough problems with these sorts already. If these people were involved in terrorism, why should the conditions in their home countries matter to us? How can you act humanitarian to those who lack humanity?