Greenpeace protests against car lobby

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The environmental group is objecting to car lobby attempts to slacken C02 norms.

27 May 2008

BRUSSELS - Greenpeace held a demonstration Monday before the European Parliament. In a report by the environmental group,

Greenpeace claims that the automobile industry has been trying for years to slacken the CO2 norms for cars with improper lobbying.

Greenpeace complains about the influence of especially the German automobile sector in policy-making.

The European Parliament is debating a car emission plan this week. Emissions must be lowered by 2012, but the automobile sector is trying to have this target postponed. They say there is not enough time to implement the necessary measures to manufacture cars accordingly.

In a Flintstone car, Greenpeace activists emphasised what they call 'the prehistoric character of the car industry'.

Activists tried to hand over a report to EuroMPs and members of the automobile industry Monday morning. They did not get very far in their Flintstone car however. Nine Greenpeace activists were arrested by the police

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