Generic product can be of good quality

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Generic products can be as good as brand name products when it comes to staple such as milk and rice, says OIVO.

5 September 2008

BELGIUM -- Generic products may not always be inferior to well-known brand products, concludes the Belgian research and information centre of the consumer rights organisation, OIVO.

The OIVO compared 21 products of well-known brand names with the equivalent generic or store brand products.

For staples like milk or rice, there is little difference in quality, although the price difference can be substantial. The difference is seen in the more elaborate packaging and expensive advertising.

According to OIVO, the differences are in the ready-made dishes where brand name products are often considerably better.

"Store brand and generic lasagne have much less meat in it, for example,” says Bram De Saedeleer of OIVO. "Or they add more salt instead of spices to boost the flavour."

The OIVO thinks that manufacturers should be more specific in labelling so customers know what they're buying.

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