Geike Arnaert to leave Hooverphonic

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The Belgian group's lead singer has announced that she is to leave to pursue a solo career.

22 October 2008

The lead singer of the group Hooverphonic has announced that she is to leave the group. Geike Arnaert will embark on a solo career once Hooverphonic has completed its planned concert tour at the end of the year.

The other members of the group are keen to stress that Gieke Arnaert has not been asked to leave Hooverphonic.


Base player Alex Callier told journalists that "Geike probably just believes that its time to try something new, time to go her own way."

Mr Callier added that he regretted Gieke Arnaert's decision to leave Hooverphonic.

Alex Callier and Raymond Geerts will continue with Hooverphonic.

However, it is not yet clear if the group will look for a new female vocalist to replace Geike Arnaert.

Ten years with Hooverphonic

Geike Arnaert (29) joined Hooverphonic in 1998.

She became the group's third lead singer, following on from Liesje Sadonius and Kyoko Baertsoen.

Hooverphonic - The Eclipse Song

She was already well-established as Hooverphonic's lead-singer when the group had its first big international success with "The magnificent tree"

The last Hooverphonic album with Geike Arnaert is "The president of the LSD Golf Club" that was released last year.


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