French attack Belgian trawler

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The Belgian vessel was surrounded by French trawlers and rammed several times.

French trawler men hurled stones and abuse at their Belgian colleagues and the French navy had to attend the scene to rescue the Belgian vessel.

The French are angry that they are subject to regulations that do not apply to their Belgian counterparts.

Jan Ack, skipper of the belgian, boat claimed that some of the French trawlermen wanted to sink his boat.

The Normandy Fishermen's Association condemned the action by the French trawler men, but also showed understanding.

Jean Lorillu told the daily Ouest-France: "The incident is unacceptable, but quite understandable".

He continued: "Fuel prices remain high as does the cost of nets used to fish for scallops".

The Belgian trawler man had a licence to fish for scallops.


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