Four in 10 parents stay home during exams

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A survey shows 40 percent of parents take days off to offer their teenage children extra help and support.

16 June 2008

BELGIUM - Almost 40 percent of parents are taking days off to help their teenage children during the exam period, reports survey.

Conducted by De Standaard, the survey shows almost 4 in 10 parents take one or more days off to help their children prepare for exams.

For children aged 12- 23 in the first two years of secondary school, 30 percent of parents take time off.

For children in the third and fourth years, 39.2 percent of the parents take time off from their jobs. The parents who take time off during the exam period do so to offer extra help and support to their children.

About half of the parents actively help their children study for the exams.

Parents from the upper and middle-upper classes tend to take time off during exams than parents from the lower classes.

One in seven students suffers from intense exam stress. Six in 10 say that they have a 'little bit' of exam stress.

Stress can have consequences for behaviour. Children suffering from stress tend to sleep poorly, have an upset stomach, or headaches. Some children become aggressive.

Girls tend to feel exam stress more than boys do.

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