Flemings say Prince Filip not ready to be king

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A recent survey shows that almost half of the Flemish population feels the crown princes is not ready succeed the throne yet.

5 June 2008

BELGIUM - A survey commissioned by Het Nieuwsblad shows that about half of the Flemish population feels Crown Prince Filip is ready to succeed his father, King Albert, as King of the Belgium.

The survey was participated by 1,001 Flemings.

Over 46% said that Prince Filip is not yet to become king.
Nevertheless, 43 percent of those questioned believe that King Albert should abdicate on his 75th birthday in 2009.

24 percent of respondents believe that the King should stay on.

Only a quarter of Flemings believe that Prince Filip would be a suitable replacement if his father were to step down.

The survey also reveals that the majority of Flemings would be prepared to give Prince Filip a year's grace to prove that he is up to the job of King of the Belgians.

Meanwhile, republicanism is gaining ground with 36 percent of Flemings favoring the abolition of the monarchy.

However, Prince Filip has gained in credibility since his marriage to Princess Mathilde in 1999.

Around 40 percent of those surveyed say that the Prince's image had improved since he got married.

The history professor Mark Van den Wijngart told 'Het Nieuwsblad' that the Prince now seems nicer and seeming nice is important if you want to become King.

"Although it has nothing to do with competence, image is important," added the professor.

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