Fewer Belgians down the pub

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Figures from the Belgian brewing industry show that beer sales fell by 4% last year.

Beer sales have dropped for a number of years in succession now.

It seems fewer and fewer Belgians are going down the pub.

In 2008 less than 9 million hectolitres of beer were sold in the country.

Since 1997 there has been a 14% fall in beer sales.

Fifty years ago the average Belgian drank 118 litres of beer a year.

Today this figure has fallen to 86 litres.

The fall is due to tumbling sales in the cafés, a decrease that is not compensated by sales through other channels.

Belgian beer production stood at 18.5 million hectolitres in 2008, a slight increase in comparison with the previous year.

In the last ten years Belgian been exports doubled.

There are 124 breweries in Belgium. They produce 400 different beers divided into 16 different categories.


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