Explosive traces found on Copenhagen bomb suspect: report

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Traces of the explosive used in the 2005 London bombings that killed 52 people were found on a man believed to have set off a bomb in a Danish hotel last week, a Belgian newspaper said Tuesday.

"In certain circles close to the investigation, there is no longer any doubt about the man's intentions. Traces of acetone peroxide (commonly called TATP) were found on his body," the Dutch-language Het Nieuwsblad daily said.

The suspect was charged over the weekend for the blast, which was allegedly planned for another target but went off in the toilets of the Joergensen hotel in Copenhagen on Friday, causing no injuries to guests or staff.

"We do not want to comment on the nature of the explosive used due to the needs of the enquiry," said Danish chief investigator Svend Foldager at a news conference in Copenhagen.

Foldager said the man was carrying a Belgian ID card, rather than a passport as Het Nieuwsblad reported, and spoke fluent French, as well as English and German.

The suspect had requested a diverse range of religious books during his detention, Foldager said.

He is being held until October 4. Police on Monday evacuated the city park where the suspect had hidden for two hours following the blast.

Investigators are still searching for a motive. Denmark has been the object of threats by Islamist extremists after caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed were published there, triggering outrage across the Muslim world.

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