Emma and Nathan most popular baby names

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The most popular names for new-born babies in Belgium in 2007 are Emma and Nathan, reveal figures.

17 September 2008

BRUSSELS -- Figures released by the Federal Economy Department's Statistics Service revealed that Emma and Nathan were the most popular names for new-born babies in 2007.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Emma was the most popular girl's name. The second most popular girl's name was Louise with Sarah coming in third.

Marie was down two places in fourth place, while Laura fell from third place in 2006 to 10th place in 2007.

Nathan moved up from third place in 2006 to replace Noah as the most frequently-chosen boy's name.

Lucas was the second most popular name for a baby boy born in 2007, up from fourth place in 2006.

Meanwhile, Noah fell back to third place in 2007.

Unusual choices of names
The statistics also show some fairly adventurous choices when it comes to baby names.

Among the more unusual names from 2007 were Arafat, Condoleezza, Euro, Alaska, Mel-Gibson, Ensor and Santana as some parents opt to name their child after their favourite star from the world of politics, sport, film or the arts.

Other names such as Dieumerci (thank you God), Believe, Hallelujah and Welcome are an expression of the parents’ joy at having a child.

Meanwhile, some parents drew their inspiration from flora and fauna or the months of the year as seen from the names of their babies - Stier (bull), Ezel (donkey) Bambi, April, December and Bloem (flower).

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