Election Night in Brussels

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Over a thousand people attended a special Election Night Party in Brussels.

Over a thousand people attended a special Election Night Party to await the outcome of the US presidential election in Brussels on Tuesday night. The party was staged in the Renaissance Marriott Hotel at the heart of the European District of Brussels.

The event was jointly organised by the American Club and Ackroyd Publications, publishers of the English language weekly The Bulletin.

The party in a venue close to the European Parliament Building in Brussels attracted hundreds of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans.

Over a thousand people were there in all including many Belgians and members of the international community.

Our reporter on the scene Mike Barlow says most people seemed to be having a good time enjoying a drink and a chat with friends and acquaintances in this stylish location.

The partygoers followed the progress of the election results on CNN on big screens.

In addition to flandersnews the event also attracted the interest of numerous media both from Belgium and abroad.


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  • Joanne Agate posted:

    on 6th November 2008, 11:01:05 - Reply

    I can't complain enough about the so called election party. 6 euros for a glass of house wine? 6 euros for a cold hamburger? 6 euos for a canned sausage that they call a hotdog? Plus no one at the door controlled the printed invitations that we received for advance purchase of tickets. We just needed to wave it at the doormen/women and then we received a yellow wrist band which was proof of payment. Many people then went outside and gave the invitation to a friend, who then waved it at the door men and received a yellow wrist band. So they got in for free. Another thing is that the main hall was too small. We couldn't see or hear anything. There were also no screens to watch the election results. The place was so crowded that all we could do was walk sideways and get pushed along with the crowd. So after spending 6O euros on drink/food coupons -- which we weren't allowed to sell back-- plus 20 entry fee, we went home at 22:30 to watch the election on CNN-- which was supposedly the point of the entire evening. The people who organized this should be ashamed of themselves. They are a bunch of thieves.- Joanne Agate