EU building in Brussels targeted by terrorists

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Eleven suspected terrorists detained in Morocco on Monday were planning to attack European Union buildings.

20 May 2008

BELGIUM – A suspected terrorist network recently rounded up in Morocco had planned attacks on European Union buildings in Brussels, Flemish television VR reported late Monday.

The Sheraton Hotel in the Belgian capital was also targeted in the plan, the report in "Het Journaal" said.

Eleven people suspected of planning terrorist acts in Morocco and Belgium were detained in the cities of Fez and Nador in northern Morocco, Moroccan police said Monday.

One of the detainees was a Moroccan who lived in Belgium. The suspects were to appear before court.

The ring was connected to a network recruiting fighters to send to Iraq and to al-Qaeda training camps in Algeria, the source said.

The Belgian is thought to be the number two in the terrorist group.

Two suspects are still on the run including the alleged ringleader.

The two in question are Mohamed Bakali and Mohamed Agbalou.

Links with Osama Bin Laden
The Moroccan authorities have been searching for the two men since February.

The terrorist group is believed to have been planning atrocities both in Morocco and Belgium, but it remains unclear when and where these would take place.

The suspects have ties with a group that sends volunteers to Iraq and to training camps linked to Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

They are not thought to be linked to the terrorist cell around the Moroccan Belgian Abdelkader Belliraj, who was arrested last February.

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