Drunken Walloon sports minister spotted at Olympics

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Walloon Sports Minister Michel Daerden was spotted drunk in the stands while watching the tennis and hockey events in Beijing.

14 August 2008

BELGIUM - The Walloon Sports Minister Michel Daerden is in Beijing to support the Belgian athletes but appears to be over enthusiastic in his cheering efforts as he was spotted drunk in the stands for the tennis and hockey events.

Daerden went to Beijing to watch the tennis doubles' match of Olivier Rochus and Steve Darcis against the Argentineans David Nalbandian and Guillermo Cañas.

Daerden, apparently drunk in the stands, was very loud, and this reportedly disturbed David Nalbandian.

"Hey you there, you don't know the rules of tennis, do you," shouted the Argentine tennis player to the Belgian spectator.

Daerden was reportedly also drunk when he was encouraging the Belgian hockey team from the stands.

In a reaction the Michel Daerden's spokeswoman said: "It is impossible that the minister was in such a state."

Flemish Sports Minister Anciaux: "He has a drinking problem"
"Michel Daerden really has a drinking problem, everyone knows it," said Flemish Sports Minister Bert Anciaux in a reaction to the incident.

"But he is not the only one. Others keep it under wraps. People in politics drink a lot."

"It irritates me that the excessive alcohol is seen as normal and is accepted so readily," said Bert Anciaux to the daily Het Laatste Nieuws.

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