Diesel nearly as dear as petrol

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Price of diesel in Belgium was just 11 cents cheaper than the same amount of petrol on Wednesday.

29 May 2008

BELGIUM - For the first time in history, diesel was just a little cheaper than petrol at a few Belgian fuel stations in Brussels.

The official maximum price for one litre of diesel was EUR 1.469 (including VAT) on Wednesday, only EUR 0.11 less than the price of one litre of petrol. The price of one litre of petrol cost EUR 1.58.

The difference between price of petrol and diesel has never been so small.

The increase in diesel price is brought about by an increase in global demand of diesel. Experts are not ruling out the possibility that diesel may become more expensive than petrol country wide.

"The high price of petrol is largely determined by the higher excise duty. In the case of diesel, the production costs are higher", explained Joost Kaesemans of the automobile federation Febiac.

Even if diesel were to cost more than petrol in future, Kaesemans is convinced that Belgians will still prefer driving diesel-driven cars to petrol-driven cars as they are more fuel-economical.

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