Contaminated chicken from Belgium seized in Ukraine

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Ukrainian authorities have seized 1,400 chicken meat bearing false Belgian quality control certificates at its borders.

9 September 2008

BELGIUM -- Belgian and Ukrainian authorities are investigating a case of major fraud involving contaminated chicken after 1,400 tons of meat bearing false Belgian quality control certificate were seized.

At the Polish border with Ukraine, local authorities stopped 32 lorries and intercepted a total of 1,400 tons of chicken bearing false quality control certificates.

The chicken was discovered to be unsuitable for human consumption. The authorities think it might be meat that was frozen during the dioxin crisis in Belgium (end of the 1990s).

The meat was allegedly to be processed in Ukraine into hamburger meat, sausages and pita meat and then brought back on to the European market. The contaminated meat has already been worked into animal fodder.

Belgium had sent detectives from the Department of Justice and the Food Agency were sent to Ukraine to look into the case.

Four companies in West Europe, one from Belgium, have come under suspicion. The Belgian company denies any involvement in the swindle.

In Ukraine, the authorities are trying to track down the ring leader who has reportedly fled.

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