Computer criminals target Dexia

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A dozen bank accounts have been plundered.

Over recent weeks Dexia bank clients have been the victim of computer criminals. A dozen bank accounts have been plundered. The news that hacking was taking place "at a major bank" was already known, but the name of the bank had not been revealed. According to the financial daily De Tijd the bank in question is Dexia.

"About a dozen clients have indeed been the target of computer criminals. A few thousand euros disappeared from the accounts of each of the clients in question. In the meantime they have been fully reimbursed," Dexia spokeswoman Ulrike Pommée told De Tijd.

The hackers used a special virus programme to access accounts. The computers of all of the victims turned out to contaminated with the virus which immediately transferred a sum of money via internet from their accounts.

The federal public prosecutor's office is investigating the fraud. Because the virus programme could also be used to access the accounts of other banks, an official computer banking warning has been put out.

It is not yet known whether there are any victims from other banks yet. Fortis and KBC banks have said that as far as they know there have been no incidents concerning accounts at their banks.


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