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24 hour hockey tournament


I wanted to let you know about a web site that I've been working on recently.

It's a pro bono project called to help raise money for a new project at Bordet Cancer hospital.

It's a 24 hour hockey tournament that's taking place on 5-6 of July to raise more than €20,000.

You can enter teams of up to ten people in the tournament (€100 for kids teams / €150 for adults).

The bulk of the money will be generated from corporate sponsorship and it looks like there will be some good sponsors at the €5000 rate. There are also sponsorship opportunities for €1500 as well. In kind donations are also accepted.

So check out the site and if you know anyone that plays hockey or there's anything you can do to help, please get in touch with the organisers.

The site was designed and built by me, the logo was created by Jeremy CLEMENS and the text and translations were done by a team of hockey players from the 24Hockey organising committee. We're a band of volunteers and at times our vision was a bit blurred from staring at our screens for so long so please excuse any mistakes in the translations and enjoy the site.

Gilbert West

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