Belgium launches amnesty for illegals

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Belgium is to launch a new regularisation operation for people who have been in the country for at least five years.

Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy has released the details of the Federal Government agreement on the regularisation of illegals.

In order to be successful, applicants will have to show they are integrated into the community.

Illegals who have lived in Belgium for at least five years will be able to apply for a regularisation of their situation between 15 September and 15 December.

If successful, they will be granted papers that will allow them to stay in the country legally.

The Secretary of State for Asylum and Immigration, Melchior Wathelet (Francophone Christian Democrat), has the final say. 

People who have been working in Belgium for at least two years and a half can also apply for a residence permit. They will have to produce a labour contract and a regional labour card.

Other factors that can count in an applicant's favour include language skills,  following a literacy course or having children at school.

"Where is the clarity?"

Bar the ecologists of Groen! all opposition parties have slated the regularisation. The Government had promised clarity regarding the regularisation criteria. All opposition parties say that no clarity has been provided.

They also argue that the Asylum and Immigration Secretary has been given too much discretion.

The Asylum and Migration Forum that defends the interests of illegals has welcomed the accord.

It says that the one-off regularisation will provide a solution for many foreigners who have been living in Belgium in pitiful circumstances for many years. 

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  • teresa posted:

    on 14th March 2012, 19:35:58 - Reply

    i want to know if i can marry an illegal im from the UK he is in Belgium illegally
    we both want to know what will happen to him he has been there for 1 year and cant find a job he has almost spend his saving we just want to get married and live in the UK
  • pract posted:

    on 10th September 2009, 15:57:24 - Reply

    I just can believe that the amnesty would only favour those that spent six years and does who have spent five year with the belgium family.... What about those that spent two or three years without no any surport from the government (OCM)living misserable life are they going to continue their life till next coming armnesty in many more years coming or they will be deported back to there various country, I just hope that Phillippe Courard will make the criteria a little more easy for them so that the happiness will reach out more
  • ahmad bakhtiar posted:

    on 17th August 2009, 19:56:17 - Reply

    hi guys ; this very nice that belgium govt took a positive step for illeagle immigrants. honestly i appreciate ; it passed long time that the prime minester announce it but still the people are daughtfull ; coz the rules are very strick ; and no body have idea that how some one will apply for it? or some one can apply by his/her lawyer or direct in muncipal?