Belgian truckers demand better truck stops

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Belgian truckers say car parks along the motorways are unsafe and lack comfort.

8 September 2008

BELGIUM -- The Belgian truckers are protesting against the lack of safety and comfort at the car parks along the motorways.

The lorry drivers are dependant on the truck stops and what they have to offer in terms of food, comfort and facilities for personal hygiene.

The truckers also complain that the truck stop restaurants are becoming increasingly expensive.

In 2007, the BTB trade union compiled a 'black book' of problems. According to trade unionist Frank Moreels, the situation has not improved at all.

"The health and safety of our lorry drivers depends a lot on the quality and availability of parking areas along the highway, and still the situation has not improved," says Moreels.

Critics of the current situation say a healthy, well-rested driver is often a safe driver and that more should be done for the truckers.

The BTB trade union thinks the problem should be tackled at a European level. Most of the lorry drivers that use the Belgian truck stops are from other countries.

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