Belgian polls reveal doubts about alliances parties

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Majority of Belgians say no to future alliance parties, reveals internet opinion poll.

11 July 2008

BELGIUM - An internet opinion poll carried out by the Flemish public broadcaster VRT shows that Flemish voters would prefer that political parties not form alliances.

Over 62 percent of the supporters of CD&V/N-VA - the alliance between the Flemish Christian democrats of premier Yves Leterme and the Flemish nationalists of Bart De Wever -  say that they would prefer voting for one of both parties instead of the alliance at the next elections.

Supporters of the other Flemish alliance SP.A/Vl.Pro (the Flemish socialists and Flemish progressive regionalists) have the same opinion, with also 62 percent preferring a split between the two.

Some 72 percent of CD&V/N-VA supporters would vote for CD&V if they had to make the choice between the two.

Over 20 percent would prefer N-VA.

This would mean that N-VA would be able to count on 6,3 percent of the Flemish electorate if the party was to stand alone.

In Belgium, the election threshold has been set at 5 percent. This means N-VA would be able to stand on its own two feet.

Party head Bart De Wever even thinks his party would get more than 6 percent of the votes as N-VA alone could also snatch voters from other political families.

CD&V/N-VA is currently the biggest political player in Belgium. The Flemish demands made by the alliance are one of the causes of the present political stalemate.

63 percent wants to keep Belgium
Another 11 July opinion poll carried out by the Flemish newspapers De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad shows 63 percent of the Flemish is happy with Belgium and does not want the country to fall apart, on the condition that the French-speaking people make some concessions.

On the other hand, 30 percent of the Flemish people say they want the country to be split. At the previous poll, this number was still at 32 percent.

New elections if deadline can't be met
Flemish newspapers Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg carried another poll which reveals that Flemish voters want the political crisis to end soon.
If Leterme can't come up with a political solution by 15 July, a date which has been set as a deadline in the matter, a majority of two thirds of the respondents wants new elections as they are fed up with of all the political fighting.

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