Belgian mussels hit markets on Friday

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The first crate of Belgian mussels that came from a Flemish pilot project arrived at the markets on Friday and cost EUR 5 per kg.

28 July 2008

BELGIUM – The first crate of Belgian mussels which arrived at the market on Friday fetched between EUR 4.5 and EUR 5 per kilogram.

About 1,000 kilograms of mussels were sent to Ostend fish market and were sold between EUR 4.5 and EUR 5 per kilogram. It is believed that the price will drop in the next few days.

The mussels are the first products to come out of a Flemish pilot project. Just off the Nieuwpoort coast, the company Reynaert-Versluys sets out seed mussels on a pontoon. In 2006, the investment paid off a first time when 3,000 kilograms of shell fish were hauled up.

Mussels follow a two-year cycle and that’s why the second harvest has only just arrived on the market. The mussel growers hope to harvest 15 to 20 tonnes of mussels between now and the middle of August.

According to Versluys, the Flemish mussels taste just as good as the ones from Zeeland in the Netherlands. “Because of the sea water they taste a bit saltier and they also have more meat in them,” Versluys points out.

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