Beer to be more costly in Belgium in September

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Brewer of Stella Artois and Jupiler plans to hike up price of beer by 4.3 percent in September.

1 July 2008

BELGIUM - InBev, the brewer of Stella Artois and Jupiler, has announced plans to hike up the price of beer by 4.3 percent in September.

The last price hike was only in February of 2008 when beer prices went up by 3 percent.

InBev defends the price increases, pointing to the rising price of energy, raw materials and packaging.

It will be up to the restaurants, hotels and retail sectors to decide how much of the price increase of beer will be passed on to the client.

According to InBev, the price of beer will still be reasonable and beer remains a 'democratic product'. In cafés and bars, a pint of beer is still the cheapest thing on the menu, along with mineral water.

InBev stresses that the price will not affect all brands of beer equally. For the regular lager or bitter type beer, the price rise will be limited to 4 percent.

The professional union of the hotel/restaurant sector Ho.Re.Ca.Vlaanderen is worried about InBev’s decision to raise the price of beer.

The union points out that the price hike will have to be passed on to the consumer, as the sector is already dealing with small margins in face of the rising energy prices.

"It's a difficult time for the hotel/restaurant sector in general due to rising prices on all fronts," says the Secretary General of Ho.Re.Ca.Vlaanderen Luc De Bauw.

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