Bank robbers killed in dynamite blast in Belgium

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The attempts of two men on Friday to rob a bank in Dinant, Wallonia, went spectacularly wrong when they used too much dynamite to blow open a cash machine.

It seems that the amount of dynamite they used was excessive, causing much of the building to tumble down behind the ATM. 

One of the men died soon after the blast, on his way to hospital. The police recovered the body of the second gangster on Saturday evening after hours of searching through the wreckage. 

A bomb disposal squad was called to the area to confirm that no unexploded dynamite had been left over.

According to banking officials the gangsters were obviously inexperienced.  Their attempts to break into the cash machine with dynamite would have been futile anyway because of the security systems inside the ATM.

When cash machines are forced open, a system within the machine causes the box containing the cash to implode and destroy all of the money inside.

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