75 suspected human traffickers detained in Europe

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Detectives in 10 European countries carried out a raid Monday morning and arrested a total of 75 people.

24 June 2008

BELGIUM – The European police have rounded up an international network of Iraqi Kurd traffickers in humans. Ten people were detained in Belgium, including some of the leaders.

For months, detectives in 10 European countries have been observing the coming and goings of alleged gang members. The detectives raided several places Monday morning. In Belgium raids were carried out in Brussels and the capital of Flemish Brabant, Leuven.

"Six people were arrested in Brussels. They will soon appear before the investigating magistrate," says Eric Van der Sypt of the federal police. "Four people were also apprehended in Leuven. We think some gang leaders are among those arrested."

According to the authorities many refugees are trying to make it to Scandinavia. The trend of going to the UK seems to have receded.

European blow to human trafficking
A total of some 75 suspects have been detained in ten European countries. The operation was led and coordinated by the European police service Europol in collaboration with Eurojust, the European institution that coordinated judicial cooperation.

The network allegedly smuggled some 280 refugees from Afghanistan, China, Turkey and Bangladesh to the European Union, in exchange for USD 10,000 – USD 12,000 per person (EUR 6,400 – EUR 7,700).

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