Will Laurent come to Delphine’s aid? “It’s plausible”

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Will Prince Laurent come to Delphine’s aid? When he was asked during the RTL “Contreverse” talk show about the possibility of the king’s younger son giving a DNA sample in the paternity suit, Pierre Legros mentioned that it’s “a completely plausible hypothesis.”

When we brought up the incident, Pierre Legros wavered a little.  "Prince Laurent is aware that he might be asked for a DNA sample. If he is asked, he will consider it. He's not against it as a matter of principle. He's very open to the notion. This doesn't reflect on his possible decision."

To summarize the situation, Delphine filed her first case when Albert II was still on the throne. Three people were named in the suit: the king himself, Prince Philippe and Princess Astrid. She did not name Prince Laurent.  "My client said to me that Laurent is the only one who treats me normally. I don't want to include him'," explains Alain De Jonge, Delphine Boël's lawyer. The case currently in court involves only Jacques Boël (to contest his paternity) and Albert II (to declare his paternity).

Now, through his counsel, Prince Laurent has opened the way to a possible contribution that could be a game-changer. "There are two possibilities," explains Pierre Legros. "Either he does it willingly, which is not very likely, or he receives a summons." No one seems to think that Prince Laurent would ignore a court order. Could this possibly be a strategy planned by Laurent and Delphine? The lawyers will not comment, but we keep coming back to the fact that Pierre Legros and Alain De Jonge had already informally brought up the issue. Will a new proceeding need to be opened to add Prince Laurent to the case because of this recent development? "We'll find a way if we need to," responds Delphine Boël's lawyer. "It would be very helpful if Prince Laurent would give us a DNA sample. We surely won't let this opportunity pass us by."

The case calendar will be set on Monday. The parties have heard each other. Jacques Boël's lawyer's conclusions will be heard first.

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