Why 300,000 Belgians fail to fill in tax forms?

9th September 2008, Comments 0 comments

A Belgian Senator wants to know why Belgians fail to fill in their tax forms and how the government will deal with them.

9 September 2008

BRUSSELS  -- Senator Hugo Vandenberghe demands to know why Belgians are not filling in their tax forms and how they will be dealt with by the government.

According to figures from Finance Minster Didier Reynders, 305,232 people did not fill in their tax forms in 2007. Another 330,000 filed their tax declarations too late.

For many Belgians, it is an annual struggle to get their tax declarations filled in and filed on time. Figures reveal that last year's figures of people not filling in their forms was 11 percent more than in 2006.

Not filing tax declarations is a growing trend, points out the Senator from the Christian Democratic and Flemish party.

"It is not clear what happens with these people. Those who do not file their tax declarations are liable to legal action, such as having to pay a fine, but there is no date on what actually happens to these people," says Vandenberghe who is seeking for a clear explanation. "300,000 is not a small number."

How many are actually chased down? What happens with them? It is unclear to the senator. He calls this a typically Belgian situation: "No one knows what happens to the violators."

Belgians complain of complicated tax forms
According to Vandenberghe, the tax claims that are filed too late are also a huge problem.

Despite the simplified online tax forms via Tax-on-web and the help offered by many municipalities to help people file their tax forms, there are still a substantial number of people who do not file on time.

The Senator says people complain the tax forms are too complicated.

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