Wanted: civilians for anti-terrorism squad

4th January 2008, Comments 0 comments

More terrorism experts are needed to work with the police : especially people who speak Arabic and understand Islam

The police need to have experts working with them to be able to better asset threats. Especially the Brussels anti-terrorism department has a shortage of personnel. There is a budget for 100 people, but only 70 people are working in the department at the moment.

The problem up until now is that the department could only recruit within the police. Within the police not enough people were found who could speak Arabic and who understand Islam and the Moslem world.

The federal police have decided to recruit civilians now to help out in the anti-terrorism squad. The new recruits are to be given a short training course to enable them to start working very quickly.

Evaluation of terror alert

The government is meeting on Thursday to discuss whether the current heightened state of alert should be maintained. Wednesday evening the police and security services evaluated the current situation.

The report is being studied by Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt and the Home Affairs and Justice Ministers. The heightened state of alert has been in effect in Belgium since 21 December.

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