Volunteers to stop helping asylum seekers in Belgian hotels

27th September 2009, Comments 0 comments

Aid organisations that have been offering help and shelter to asylum seekers in Belgian hotels want to stop offering their voluntary services.

Allowing asylum seekers to stay in Belgian hotels was only an emergency measure, aid organisations say, and thus they wish to withdraw their help until a structural solution can be arranged by the government to house or return the migrants to their homeland. 

At the moment there are about 1,100 asylum seekers staying in hotels around the country. Each migrant is given EUR 6/day to live on and no medical care is offered to them.

Volunteers from various organisations have been helping the asylum seekers as much as possible, yet the heads of these organisations say that the aid cannot go on indefinitely.

On Friday the government earmarked more plans to deal with asylum seekers, such as creating 800 extra places in asylum centres and raising the budget for dealing with incoming migrants to almost EUR 10 million per year.


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