US urges Belgium to make Guantanamo, Afghan effort

14th February 2010, Comments 0 comments

The US envoy to Brussels called on Belgium to take more prisoners from the Guantanamo jail in Cuba, to help President Barack Obama close the notorious centre.

BRUSSELS - Ambassador Howard Gutman said that if every nation already hosting a Guantanamo detainee took in an extra two or three, the "war on terror" prison, reviled for its rights abuses, could be closed in a matter of weeks.

He called on Belgium, which has taken in one inmate, to set an example to other European nations.

Obama had said he would close the prison -- where people were detained often without charge or trial -- this year and has sought host states for dozens of detainees.

But few European nations are keen to host inmates held under such circumstances and for so long.

Gutman also urged Belgium to boost its military contingent in Afghanistan by sending extra instructors to help train the national army and police.


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