Tunisian extremists hack Belgian website: reports

10th April 2015, Comments 0 comments

Hackers claiming to be Islamist militants from Tunisia took over a Belgian regional government website Friday to denounce US counter-terror operations, reports said.

The economic news website of the French-speaking Walloon regional government in southern Belgium ran a video in English when accessed showing bodies said to be victims of US military action.

At the end of the video, a message was read saying: "Take your heads out of the sand, struggle against your leaders, join the resistance."

Le Soir daily said on its website that the Tunisian group involved was known as the "Fallaga Team" and had hacked several French institutions shortly after bloody Islamist attacks in Paris in January,

which left 17 people dead.

Friday's incident came as the French authorities were coping with the fallout from a massive cyberattack against TV5Monde lasting several days.

They said the TV5Monde hack was likely a "terrorist act" and urged media companies to be "vigilant" as further attacks could not be ruled out.

The TV5 hackers in accused French President Francois Hollande of committing "an unforgivable mistake" by joining the US-led air campaign against the extremist Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, which had led in turn to the January killings in Paris.

Belgium is also part of the US-led operation and in February said it would send around 35 soldiers to Iraq to help train its army in the fight against IS.

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