Three children go on graveyard rampage in Essene

15th September 2008, Comments 0 comments

Three children, aged 7 and 8, desecrated 143 graves because they were bored.

15 September 2008

ESSENE -- Three children under the age of 10 went on a rampage in a graveyard Saturday afternoon in Essene at Flemish Brabant.

According to local police spokesman Roland Hollevoet, the children aged seven and eight wrecked havoc in the cemetery of Essene and did some considerable damage to 143 graves.

"Some of the graves were completely turned over. Things were broken off, photographs were ruined and flowers thrown away," says Hollevoet.

"Some of the tombstones of people who died during the war were destroyed. Crosses were pulled off some of the newer graves as well."

One child was detained by the police Saturday evening and questioned. He apparently confessed to the act. The two other children were detained later. All three children said they "were bored".

People who want to file a complaint for the desecration of a family member can do so on Monday.

It is not yet clear what charges will be brought against the three children.

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