Thalys stopped after smoke fills carriage

13th December 2012, Comments 0 comments

A Thalys high speed train travelling from Paris to Amsterdam was stopped in its tracks in a station in Mortsel on Thursday morning after smoke started to fill one of the carriages.

The smoke is being blamed on a technical fault.

The train operator is trying to establish what exactly went wrong.

All 250 passengers aboard the service were taken off the train and were transported to Antwerp.

Thalys spokeswoman Patricia Baers: "Passengers did have to wait a while at the station in Mortsel before they could join a domestic service. In Antwerp they were able to switch to another train, the Fyra, and continue their journey to the Netherlands."

The Thalys spokeswoman insisted that at no point were any of the passengers in any danger: "Passengers were immediately led to another carriage and have meanwhile all left the train."

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