Stalemate in government negotiations

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Stalemate in government negotiations

23 August 2007

BRUSSELS – At about 4.30 this morning formateur Yves Leterme and the party leaders of the Christian democrat and liberal parties emerged without result after a whole night of negotiations.

CDH (francophone Christian democrats) leader Joëlle Milquet does not want to give the Flemings any guarantees for drastic state reform. This afternoon will be a final attempt to reach accord.

The negotiators are pessimistic however. They describe the situation as an absolute stalemate. The Flemish parties blame Milquet for the deadlock.

The francophone Christian democrats clearly do not want to make any promises for extensive state reform with two-thirds majority. Milquet will at most agree to a vague reference to reform.

Milquet was the odd one out in the discussion on taxes, combating unemployment, justice and immigration as well.

It is doubtful whether Leterme can stay on as formateur if this afternoon's consultation remains deadlocked. Then it may be time to appoint another informateur or a mediator.

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