Speakers’ Corner lecture: “Why is Belgium not just bilingual?”

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Npo ‘de Rand’ and the Agency for Local and Provincial Government of the Flemish authorities invite you to a lecture on “Why is Belgium not just bilingual?” - Language and territoriality in Flanders in a historical and international context.

The following questions will be answered: Why is the use of languages so complicated in Belgium? Why are the language laws here so different from elsewhere? Are they really that different?

Ever since the creation of Belgium in 1830, the multilingualism of its population has posed a constant challenge to the policymakers. The current language laws illustrate the creative compromises which Belgium is so famous for. Nevertheless, the agreements made still offer food for political debate, especially with regard to Brussels and de Vlaamse Rand. Even the large international community in that area has difficulty sometimes in comprehending the situation. In addition, the domestic policy of the Flemish Government in de Rand already made the international press a number of times.

Flemish Minister for Local and Provincial Government, Geert Bourgeois, who is also responsible for de Vlaamse Rand, welcomes you to this highly topical edition of Speakers’ Corner. Hendrik Vuye, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Namur, guides you through the Belgian linguistic conflict in a comprehensible way. Luc Van den Brande, former Minister-President of the Flemish Government and, among other things, current President of the Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe, approaches the language policy from an international perspective. VRT journalist Michaël Van Droogenbroeck will act as moderator.

This Speakers’ Corner is organised within the framework of the Belgian EU Presidency by npo ‘de Rand’ in cooperation with the Agency for Local and Provincial Government of the Flemish authorities. The lecture is given in Dutch and interpreted simultaneously in French, English and German. The speakers will have time to answer a number of questions from the audience. You may also email your question in advance to info@derand.be.

You are warmly invited to attend a festive reception afterwards.

Date & Time:
Wednesday, 8 December 2010
Welcome from 19.30 onwards. The lecture starts at 20.00.

You can register by means of the enclosed registration slip or by email at info@derand.be. Please mention your name, address, organisation and function, nationality and possibly also the language you prefer for the simultaneous interpretation (French, English or German). 

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