Snow and ice cause transport delays in Belgium

2nd February 2009, Comments 0 comments

Plane and road travellers experience delayed flights and icy roads.

BRUSSELS -- However, Belgian Rail was prepared for the cold snap and kept train traffic running relatively smoothly.
Icy roads
It was a difficult rush hour this morning on the Belgian roads. The sanders were out all night clearing the roads and trying to keep them ice free. Apart from slow-moving traffic there were only minor problems on the roads. Belgian Rail set the 'winter plan' into effect, heeding the weather forecast of snow and ice. Train traffic has been running smoothly.
 With temperatures hitting freezing point, the snow turned to sleet and then rain. In some places the temperatures are expected to drop below freezing and make the streets dangerously slippery.
Trains run smoothly
This time around Belgian Rail was prepared for the problems, putting their 'winter plan' into effect which includes measures such a track-warming at crucial points. Anti-freeze was also applied to some secondary tracks. The train traffic has been running smoothly with only a few minor delays reported.
 During the last spell of winter weather Belgian Rail encountered problems dealing the side-effects of the cold spell. Overhead cables and parts of track froze which slowed down the entire network and leaving some travellers stranded for hours.

 Flights delayed
 Aviation traffic is experiencing delays from the snow and ice. At the airports in Zaventem (Brussels International) and Charleroi, most flights are delayed up to a half an hour, but mostly due to weather problems at the destination airports. Expatica

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