Slight increase of car and home jackings in Belgium

4th August 2008, Comments 0 comments

Eight hundred car and home jackings in Belgium have been reported in 2007, revealing a slight increase of eight cases from a year ago.

4 August 2008

BELGIUM - The number of car and home jackings in Belgium has seen a slight increase over the past 12 months.

Eight hundred 800 Belgians were pulled out of their cars by force or were forced by burglars to hand over their car keys in 2007 as compared to 792 cases in 2006.  

Figures by the Ministry of Justice show that despite the minimal increase, the numbers have fallen considerably in comparison to just a few years ago. In 2003, 1,000 cases of car and home jackings were reported.

Car and home jackings are primarily a Walloon phenomenon. Flanders and Brussels each reported some 1,000 cases in the last five years, while Wallonia reported almost 2,000 incidents in the same period.

Figures also show that while number of reported cases has dropped steadily below the linguistic frontier, it is rising in Flanders.

Some 60 percent of the cars that were stolen were retrieved afterwards. The overall majority of the suspects arrested are Belgian while others are French or Dutch.

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