Skywalk fitted to Saint Rombouts Cathedral

12th March 2009, Comments 0 comments

The skywalk has a glass floor and is 92 metres off the ground.

A skywalk is being fitted to the Saint Rombouts Cathedral in Mechelen (Antwerp) today. The skywalk will allow members of the public to admire the view from one of the area's most beautiful landmarks.

The skywalk has a glass floor and has being erected at an altitude of 92 metres.

Sabine Anne of the City of Mechelen told VRT that the construction will be hidden from view from people looking up at the Saint Rombouts tower from ground level.

A crane is being used to hoist the parts of the skywalk 120 metres into the air.

First the smaller part will be taken to the top of the tower. Later the glass floor and spiral staircase will be lifted up too.

Bart Stroobants of the Mechelen Museums: "By tonight most of the parts should be at the top of the tower. The contractor hopes to benefit from today's fine weather and the lack of wind. The work will continue in the dark."

The tower opens to the general public on 21 March as part of the cultural festival "City Visions";

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